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Strawberry and Orange Gelatine Jam

Strawberry and Orange Gelatine Jam

Strawberry and Orange Gelatine Jam

Strawberry and Orange Gelatine Jam

Strawberry and Orange Gelatine Jam

Who else has been experimenting with our Pure Gelatine Powder? We are still having so much fun creating healthy spins on traditional favourites with our grass-fed Gelatine. We have once again teamed up with our pal and nutritional therapist Phoebe from Natural Nourishment, to bring you a fun way to use your Pure Gelatine powder. Phoebe has created a recipe for a healthy spin on a classic, with this Strawberry and Orange Gelatine Jam…

Jam is probably not on the top of the list when it comes to healthy foods, packed with refined sugars and fruit boiled to oblivion, it offers little in terms of nutritional value, but if we make a few healthy tweaks we can still top our toast with delicious fruity jam that packs a nutritional punch.

This Strawberry and Orange Gelatine Jam is a great alternative to chia jam, offering all the collagen-building amino acids and benefits for bones, joints and skin, hair and nails, as well as a good dose of protein to keep those blood sugar levels stable and support the body in its repair and recovery. The recipe couldn’t be simpler, and with berry season upon us, now is the time to give it a try…

 Strawberry and Orange Gelatine Jam (Makes 1-2 Jars)


500g Fresh Strawberries

2 Oranges

1 Tablespoon of Planet Paleo Gelatine Powder


  • Grate the zest of one Orange and combine in a pan with the juice of 2 Oranges, gently heat until simmering.
  • Turn the heat off and add the Gelatine powder, whisking to dissolve.
  • Roughly chop the strawberries and blend them into a puree.
  • Add the berry puree to the pan, stir through and warm to simmer once more.
  • Pour into sterilized jars, leave to cool for 30 minutes and then transfer to the fridge to set for 1-2 hours.
  • Enjoy your gelatine jam as a toast topper, on top of coconut yoghurt, or just straight off the spoon- we won’t judge!

Find our Pure Gelatine Powder here

You can follow Phoebe here and let her know if you make this recipe.

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