Marine Collagen 

  • Best for skin health, joint support, bone health and all-round wellbeing
  • Product Features 

    • Type 1 marine collagen
    • 93% pure protein
    • MSC certified
    • Halal certified
    • Free from pesticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones
    • Gluten, dairy and GMO Free
    • Highly absorbable
    • Neutral taste
    • Sustainably sourced from wild-caught fish
    • Blends well in hot & cold drinks


    Our award-winning Marine Collagen is the first fully certified marine collagen supplement range in Europe. It contains 100% highly bioavailable marine collagen peptides sourced from wild-caught white fish, from fisheries that meet strict MSC standards for sustainability and environmental protection. It provides highly absorbable type 1 collagen peptides which are easily digested and distributed throughout the body. It is the ideal source to replenish your body’s collagen stores providing the building blocks for better health and wellness.

    Product Info:

    We only use wild-caught fish, never farmed. Wild-caught fish have many advantages over farmed fish, and they tend to be healthier because of their natural diet and ability to swim freely. This means they are less prone to disease and never treated by antibiotics and growth hormones. 

    All products are independently third-party tested for heavy metals and contaminants ensuring they are as pure and clean as can be. 

    We don’t add any flavourings, additives or artificial sweeteners, our marine collagen is gluten and dairy free, and provides 100% pure collagen peptides.

    MSC Certified: 

    We are proud that our marine collagen is the first fully certified marine collagen supplement range in Europe. MSC certification means:
    • Sustainable fish stocks: Fishing must be at a level that ensures it can continue indefinitely with a fish population that remains productive and healthy.
    • Minimising environmental impact: Fishing activity must be managed carefully so that other species and habitats within the ecosystem remain healthy.
    • Effective management of the fishery: Fisheries must comply with relevant laws and be able to adapt to changing environmental circumstances.

    Effective management of the fishery: Fisheries must comply with relevant laws and be able to adapt to changing environmental circumstances.



    Planet Paleo was awarded the MSC UK Newcomer of the Year 2023 in a landmark achievement for a UK food supplement brand. This award highlights our commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing, ensuring we bring the highest quality product to the consumer.

    Key Benefits: 

    Collagen is an important protein that helps maintain the structure, elasticity, and regeneration of our connective tissues. Marine collagen provides Type 1 collagen protein which is the most abundant type in the human body. It is prevalent in connective tissues and found in high concentrations in the skin, tendons, ligaments and bones. Collagen can help:

    • Support skin, hair, and nails
    • Support bone health
    • Support digestive health 
    • Support sports recovery and connective tissue repair


    • Skin health: Marine collagen has been shown to have benefits including wound healing, anti-ageing effects (1), wrinkle reduction and improved elasticity (2). 
    • Bone health: Marine collagen has promising positive effects for bone regeneration. A study found that fish collagen exerted a positive effect on osteoblastic cells in terms of collagen synthesis, quality, and mineralisation, thereby suggesting its uses for bone health (3).

    How to Use:

    We recommend using the collagen daily for optimal results. The benefits really depend on the individual and what you are taking the products for, but we would recommend taking it for 6-8 weeks to begin to see benefits and continuing on a long-term basis for best results. 


    • Frequency: We recommend using 1-1.5 serving (7.5g-10g) once or twice a day with food, or between meals. If you are new to collagen, we recommended starting with a lower amount and gradually building up the dosage you use. 
    • Timing: You can use it in the morning for a good hit of protein to stabilise blood sugar levels, post-workout for recovery, or in the evening for additional support for repair overnight.
    • Serving Size: One serving of our marine collagen powder is 7.5g which is just slightly less than one level 15ml tablespoon. 
    • Taste: It has a neutral taste, you can simply add it to water or coconut water, or add it to your coffee, tea, smoothies, yoghurt bowls and more.  

    Storage: Once opened store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.



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