The Modern Paleo Evolution

Founded by practitioners

Planet Paleo was founded in 2016 by Ben Shouler, a naturopath with many years' experience working in the natural health industry. Ben's deep knowledge and understanding of nutrition and herbal medicine runs through the DNA of Planet Paleo, creating one of the largest collagen collections in Europe.

At Planet Paleo we’ve always been passionate about the science behind nutrition, but we’re also fascinated by ancient remedies and traditional medicine's holistic approach. Planet Paleo is the perfect union of these two approaches - what we call ‘The Modern Paleo Lifestyle’.


Planet Paleo was founded as a response to the lack of high-quality collagen products in the UK.

Our focus on ethical sourcing, sustainability, and high-quality raw materials drew an increasingly large community of fans and we expanded our range into professional formulations and hot drinks like our super popular Cacao Magic.

In 2020 we became the first UK company to launch a range of organic, grass-fed bone broths — all with the Planet Paleo hallmark of quality ingredients and rigorous sourcing standards.

We are proud to hold the most certifications of any collagen company in Europe, including LIAF Grass Fed, Soil Association, MSC certification and Halal. We introduced new additions to our existing ranges, and launched our brand new Vegan Collagen range, making us the most comprehensive collagen range in Europe. In our ongoing quest for greater sustainability, we've introduced new home-compostable packaging across every single one of our products.

our mission

Our collagen powders deliver versatile nutrition, created without compromise.


We’re responsible to our planet and to our people, which is why we only use ethically sourced ingredients with full traceability. We're proud to be one of the most certified collagen ranges in Europe.


All of our formulas are developed by practitioners using clinically proven ingredients and therapeutic levels of nutrients backed by research.


While we're inspired by our paleo past and traditional foods from around the world, we don't do diet dogma - just real honest nutrition to meet you wherever you are on your health journey.


Everyone should be able to take advantage of nutrient-dense foods, whatever their lifestyle. Our formulas can be enjoyed with minimal preparation time.


We support clean-eating principles using only quality ingredients with no artificial additives, chemicals or fillers.