Putting the Planet 🌎 back into Paleo

Since 2016, we have been on a quest to put sustainability at the heart of our ethos. It informs every stage of the lifecycle of our products: from the health and welfare of our animals, to the natural ecosystem that supports them, and the pouch that finally reaches your shelf. Take the journey with us.

Our Grass-fed Collagen

Our collagen peptides are produced from cattle roaming on natural Argentinian grassland and eating their natural diet of grass 365 days a year. The collagen is certified by LIAF Control: a member of the American Grass-Fed Association. Their verification process certifies that grass-fed collagen peptides are derived solely from grass-fed cattle and meet strict quality and animal welfare standards.

What grass-fed means for you:

Organic Bone Broth

We are proud producers of Europe’s first Organic Bone Broth Collagen Protein powder. Planet Paleo bone broth powder is crafted from high quality, grass-fed cattle raised on organic farmland in Scandinavia and farmed to KRAV standards, which are the gold standard for farming anywhere in the world.

What Soil Association means for you:

Marine Collagen

We're the first fully certified marine collagen range in Europe. Our Marine Collagen is produced in France from whitefish sourced from wild-capture fisheries that meet the MSC standard for a well-managed and sustainable fishery and supply chain.

What MSC Certification means for you:

Our Packaging

We're replacing all plastic tubs with home-compostable and sustainably sourced packaging, made from paper, cellulose and corn starch.

  • Paper from sustainably managed FSC and PEFC forests from the Nordic countries. For every tree felled at least one or more trees are planted.
  • Cellulose derived from wood pulp sustainably grown from PEFC-managed forests.
  • Corn starch, a non-GMO biopolymer.

What our packaging means for you: