Your Guide to Planet Paleo’s Bone Broth Range

Your Guide to Planet Paleo’s Bone Broth Range

Bone Broth goes back thousands of years to our ancestors. Every tribe would have made a sustaining broth made from simmered animal bones after all the useful meat and other parts were used for food, clothing, shelter and weapons.

Nothing would have been wasted by hunter-gatherers, who knew the use and value of every animal part, especially during times of scarcity.|

Times may have moved on, but there are still great nutritional benefits to be enjoyed from cooking animal bones for a long time.

Even if you eat meat, it’s likely that the majority of it is muscle meat, which is high in protein but low in special nutrients such as collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin, which have protective benefits for joints, connective tissue, and the gut lining, and are anti-inflammatory in nature.

If you are interested in trying bone broth but don’t have the time to commit to making it at home, then Planet Paleo’s range of bone broth formulations offers a convenient alternative.

What’s more, they are sustainably crafted, since bone broth is a byproduct of the existing animal farming industry. The range is organically certified and grass fed, adhering to strict welfare protocols, with no use of antibiotics, growth promoters or hormones.

Don’t know which bone broth is right for you? Let’s take a closer look: 


pure bone broth


Pure is one of our recent launches. We introduced it in response to customer demand for a neutral-tasting bone broth that can be added to sweet and savoury foods and dishes. Using this broth is a simple, effective way to maximise the protein and nutritional value of anything you add it to.

Don’t have time to cook breakfast before you head out the door? Try Pure in a smoothie with coconut yoghurt, chia seeds, and blended frozen fruit? It works brilliantly in pancakes too. This is also a good one to choose if you are on the FODMAPs diet and avoiding garlic and onion.


original bone broth

Our Original, but not our only best! We started our Bone Broth journey with this one: it has a delicious savoury flavour with a touch of organic vegetable goodness in the form of tomato, garlic and onion. A good one to use as a stock replacement for soups, stews and gravy.

Herbal Defence

herbal defence bone broth

Think of this one like a potent herby broth your grandmother might have made when you were ill: it contains a bouquet of traditional herbs, including thyme, oregano and ginger, to warm, uplift, and stimulate the defences.

Thyme and oregano are famous for their antimicrobial properties, including supporting coughs, colds and seasonal viruses. We’ve added ginger for a warming kick. This is definitely one for optimising your immunity, it does have a robust flavour so add this one to savoury foods and Italian dishes.

Golden Turmeric

golden turmeric bone broth

Turmeric is an earthy, woody orange root related to the ginger family, and it’s been a staple part of folk medicine and world cuisines for thousands of years. It’s a great source of curcumin, a special compound traditionally valued for its anti-inflammatory qualities. People often take curcumin to support physical activity and performance, as well as for brain health. Enjoy this one on its own or as a spicy boost to curries and sauces.

Cooling Herbs

cooling herbs bone broth

This bone broth is another recent introduction to our range, and contains cooling, demulcent herbs such as fennel, aloe vera, peppermint and liquorice. These are traditionally used to support digestion, cool an inflamed digestive tract and promote digestive enzymes. Containing freeze-dried aloe vera juice to soothe gastric irritation, this bone broth is an ideal formula to enjoy before or after a meal. 

Ancient Mushrooms

mushroom broth

This fantastic innovation combines nourishing, nutrient-dense bone broth with some of the world’s most effective medicinal mushrooms, including reishi, cordyceps, lion’s mane and shiitake. Using the fruiting body powder of these sustainably crafted, organic mushrooms, this bone broth is high in beta glucans and other key active compounds that may help to support strong immunity, energy and focus. This is a great choice for those who work and play hard, and is a convenient way to combine collagen protein with the uplifting benefits of ancient mushrooms.

Sports Protein Bone Broth (Banana and Vanilla or Chocolate varieties)

bone broth sports protein

This bone broth is a great option if you train or work out regularly and are searching for a nutritious alternative to the usual whey protein powders. Bone broth is naturally anti-inflammatory so it is supportive of tissue recovery and muscle repair– two things that are important for regular physical activity.

This bone broth has a pleasant, naturally sweet, mild flavour, thanks to the natural banana and vanilla powders, and it contains absolutely no sugar, sweeteners or other nasties. It’s high in protein too and goes well in a pre-workout smoothie or shake.