TOP 6 Benefits of Collagen for Women's Health

TOP 6 Benefits of Collagen for Women's Health

We often associate collagen with female health due to its benefits for beautiful skin and strong, healthy hair and nails; however, collagen can do much more than this and offers many benefits for women's health that are more than skin deep. 

This article discusses what collagen is, how to increase your collagen intake and the benefits of collagen for female health.

What is Collagen & Is It Good For You?

The word "collagen" is derived from the Greek word "kolla", which literally means glue. Collagen holds us together and makes up a large portion of the protein content in the body. It makes up our digestive lining, skin, and connective tissues, including joints and bones. Collagen is vital for structure and maintenance throughout the body, but unfortunately, as we age, our collagen production starts to decline. From around our mid-twenties, we lose collagen at a rate of around 1% per year, and it continues to decline as we grow older, which is why we may notice a difference in our skin or joints as we age. Our primal ancestors would have consumed a collagen-rich diet by using all parts of the animals they hunted and making nutrient-rich bone broths. Unfortunately, our modern-day diets lack this key source of nutrition, but supplementing with a quality source of collagen peptides can provide the solution.

Types of Collagen Supplements To Improve Women's Health 

The main collagen products you will find on the market are Bovine (mostly Type 1 with a little type 3), and Marine (Type 1). There is very little difference between the two, so choices tend to be made based on dietary and lifestyle preferences. There are actually over 30 different types of collagen. However, it is mainly type 1 that we find throughout the body, including in the skin, which bovine and marine collagen provide in abundance. Collagen can be taken in capsule/tablet form, but to get a good dose, you would need to take handfuls at a time, and they tend to be bulked out with added ingredients. Our Collagen powder range is an easy, convenient way to consume a high dose of highly absorbable hydrolysed collagen.

Collagen & Body Production.

Collagen-rich foods were abundant in the diets of our ancestors, who would use all parts of an animal to make nutrient-rich bone broths. Many of us simply don't have the time to make bone broth nowadays, which is why collagen supplements can be useful. We recommend adding 1-2 servings of collagen powder to your diet per day to see and feel collagen benefits for female health. 

If you are new to collagen, it's best to start slowly and build up your dose gradually. You can split the dose throughout the day or take it all at once. It's easy to incorporate collagen into your daily routine. You can add it to your morning coffee/tea or smoothie to have a protein-packed start to the day, supporting blood sugar balance and satiety. Taking it after a workout should help recovery, and taking it before bed will aid recovery and repair overnight. Collagen powder at any time of day will be beneficial as long as you are consistent with its use.

6 Collagen benefits for women's health:

Benefits of Collagen for Women's Health

Collagen Promotes Healthy Skin

Collagen is a major component of the skin; it's essential for the strength and elasticity of the skin as well as hydration. As we age and make less collagen, we can suffer from dry skin, and wrinkles may start to form. Studies have shown beneficial anti-ageing effects of collagen for women, with increased skin hydration and elasticity.

Women's Health Benefits of Collagen

Collagen Can Improve Bone Health 

Did you know that your bones are mostly made of collagen? This helps to give them structure and keep them strong. Studies have shown supplementing with collagen may help to inhibit the bone breakdown that leads to osteoporosis and improve bone mineral density. Collagen is particularly important post-menopause when women lose the protective effect of oestrogen on bone health and are more likely to suffer bone deterioration, leading to osteoporosis and frequent fractures.

Improved bone & joint health is one of the primary benefits of consuming collagen for women.

Women's Health Collagen Benefits

Collagen Can Help Stabilise Blood Sugar Levels

Collagen is packed with protein that can help with satiety or the feeling of fullness after we eat- and stabilise blood sugar levels, making it easier to stick to a healthy diet. Collagen is rich in glycine, which studies have found in consistently low circulating levels in type 2 diabetics. Glycine is highly anti-inflammatory, which is crucial as chronic inflammation is a significant driver in numerous chronic conditions that may affect us later in life.

Planet Paleo Benefits of Collagen for Women's Health

Utilise Collagen for Post-Workout Recovery

Collagen supplements can help to strengthen connective tissues and support tissue recovery after a workout. Collagen helps to support elasticity in the tendons and ligaments, supporting the muscles to recover more efficiently after workouts and helping with injury prevention. Collagen is also anti-inflammatory, which makes it an ideal choice for recovery and protecting joints and bones during and after high-impact exercise.

Collagen for Women's Health benefits Paleo

Collagen Can Improve Gut Health & Digestion

Bone broths and collagen have long been recommended as part of digestive support protocols for their rich source of nourishment, as well as their anti-inflammatory amino acid content, which helps to soothe the digestive lining and support its structure and overall function. Like our outer skin, our inner tissues depend on collagen as a major structural protein. Damage to the intestinal lining is implicated in many inflammatory conditions, so it's essential to provide the body with the nutrients that can support gut health.

Health benefits Paleo Collagen for Women's Health

Thyroid Support

Collagen can support women's metabolic health by bringing balance to the diet. Its anti-inflammatory amino acid profile counterbalances the more inflammatory amino acids like cysteine and tryptophan found in our regular diets that can inhibit thyroid function. Collagen can support the conversion of thyroid hormones into their active form and help detoxify thyroid-suppressant hormones and chemicals.

The Benefits of Collagen for Women 

Beyond improving skin, hair, and nails, collagen offers profound health benefits for women. Naturally depleted with age, supplementing with this structural protein strengthens the body's connective tissues, aids digestion, promotes healthy skin, improves bone health, balances blood sugar, supports workout recovery, and aids thyroid health. 

While modern diets typically lack sufficient collagen, supplements such as our Pure Collagen Powder are an accessible alternative. Consistency in consumption is crucial regardless of form or source - bovine or marine. By integrating collagen supplements into their daily routine, women can enhance their overall well-being, experiencing many health benefits that go more than skin deep.

If you're looking to capitalise on the benefits of collagen, check out our range of products, including marine, bovine and vegan collagen.