Support your Bone Health with Collagen

Support your Bone Health with Collagen

Collagen is the glue that holds our bodies together; it is vital for a number of functions within the body including supporting connective tissues and optimising joint and bone health.

In this blog we will discuss how consuming dietary collagen can help support these structures to be stronger and more flexible.


Up to 90% of our connective tissues and bone matrix is made from collagen and it is a key component for structural support. As we age our natural production of collagen starts to decline, and over time this can lead to degradation of the joints and bones, which can lead to issues like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Most people are not consuming enough collagen rich foods like bone broths on a regular basis and so collagen supplements can provide an easy solution to get in this rich source of nutrition to support our bone health.



Hydrolysed collagen powder has been shown to have a positive therapeutic effect on bone related conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, with a potential increase in bone mineral density, protecting the articular cartilage and helping to relieve symptomatic pain (1).



The dynamic bone matrix of collagen fibres is reinforced with other important nutrients that help to support bone strength and help the bones to absorb compression forces and resist stress fractures.


Here at Planet Paleo we have created our Osteo blend for bone health, combining hydrolysed collagen powder with the best bone supporting herbs and co-active nutrients including:







  • Vitamin K2: The most important nutrient for getting calcium to where it belongs in the bones. It is critical for helping the bone matrix to attract calcium ions.


  • Magnesium: Vital for bone formation and helping to maintain calcium balance.


  • Kelp and Nettle: A rich source of bone building minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese and boron which help support bone mass.


  • Horsetail: High in silica which helps to support bone health and bone mineral density. Also high in boron and other trace minerals.


  • Zinc: Important co-factor for enzymes needed to stimulate the bone building osteoblast cells.


  • Vitamin A: Helps to draw calcium out of the tissues which Vitamin K2 can then move to the bone matrix.


Our Osteo Collagen supplements are designed to optimise your bone health and help to mobilise calcium into the bone matrix. Many people have problems with calcium metabolism and have too much built up in the tissues rather than bones.


The problem is often not a lack of calcium but it being in the wrong place causing potential health issues. In light of this we need to be careful with supplementing Vitamin D-which helps to regulate calcium balance in the body-as chronically low levels of Vitamin D could potentially be due to calcium levels being too high and the body suppressing vitamin D production, or conversion to minimise further increases in calcium.


Poor bone health can often be an issue later in life, and prevention is the best cure. We can give our bones the best chance to stay strong as we age and throughout life by staying active with weight bearing exercise, eating a healthy well balanced diet and getting regular sun exposure.



We also recommending taking one scoop of our Osteo Collagen powder daily to support a strong healthy frame and to keep bones stronger and more flexible throughout the life cycle.

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