Probiotic Yoghurt Cups with Pure Gelatine

Probiotic Yoghurt Cups with Pure Gelatine

Looking for a healthy snack, and a great way to support your gut health, then try these probiotic yoghurt cups, created by Lauren (@rebellehealth). These taste like healthy cheesecakes, the perfect dessert with added benefits…


For years, collagen and gelatine were a prominent feature in human diets, our primal ancestors would hunt and then use all parts of an animal, boiling the bones to make gelatine rich bone broth. The gelatine they consumed helped to bring their diets into balance, which is something our modern-day diets, rich in muscle meats are sorely lacking.


Gelatine is rich in anti-inflammatory amino acids like Glycine and Proline which are needed for skin, hair and nails support, joint health, immune function, detoxification, metabolic health and so much more. Our Pure Gelatine powder is an easy addition to your recipes, check out our previous blog posts for more ideas. Immune health has never been so important, and given that a large chunk of our immune system is housed within our guts, it’s vital right now that we support our gut health in any way we can.


Consuming probiotic-rich foods, avoiding things that are detrimental to gut health- excess refined sugars, alcohol, smoking, poor sleep- and including a source of collagen-building amino acids (whether our collagen, gelatine, or bone broth powders) will help to support our gut health. Show your gut some love with these probiotic yoghurt cups…

Probiotic Yoghurt Cups Ingredients

½ Cup Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt (Use Coconut Yoghurt for a dairy-free option)
½ Cup Coconut Milk
¼ Cup Cashews/Cashew Butter
1 tsp Vanilla Extract Juice of ½ Lemon
1 Tbsp Honey 4 Tbsp Planet Paleo Pure Gelatine (Added extra for flavouring: ¼ cup Blueberries)


  1. Mix everything except yoghurt and pure gelatine in a blender.
  2. Add the mix to a saucepan, add gelatine powder, mix and leave for a couple of minutes.
  3. Very gently heat the mixture to dissolve, allow to cool.
  4. Gradually add in room temperature yoghurt.
  5. Add mixture to paper liners and decorate as you wish. Place in the fridge to set and store in the fridge.

If you try these probiotic yoghurt cups, let us and @rebellehealth know. Leave a comment, and tag us in your creations on instagram @planetpaleo

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