Meet our Bone Broth Sports Protein

Meet our Bone Broth Sports Protein

Chocolate Bone Broth… perhaps not a combination you would put together, but our new bone broth sports protein powders come in that flavour as well as Banana & Vanilla. Let's meet our bone broth sports proteins...

Bone Broth sports proteins are not your traditional savoury broth (check out our organic bone broth powders in 3 savoury flavours if that’s your thing), but designed to be used as you would use a protein powder, for recovery after exercise, tissue support, or if you want to get more protein in your daily diet.


The Organic bone broth powder works really well with the “sweeter” -they do not contain sugar- flavours and is perfect shaken together with non-dairy milk, added to smoothies, yoghurt or cereal bowls. So why use bone broth sports protein? – Well firstly they'reOrganic, avoiding any nasties like GMOs, pesticidies, antibiotics and hormones. It also contains no sugar or sweeteners, the ingredients list is super simple:

Banana & Vanilla: Organic Bovine Bone Broth powder*, Organic Banana powder*, Organic Cinnamon powder*, Organic Vanilla powder*

Chocolate: Organic Bovine Bone Broth powder*, Organic Raw Cacao powder*, Organic Cinnamon powder*, Organic Vanilla powder* (*Certified Organic ingredients) They also taste great. The protein powder market is saturated with products packed with sugar or sweeteners, and other nasties, and it's become increasingly difficult to find a high-quality product without all the added extras.

Bone Broth can be very beneficial post-workout for hydration and replacing lost electrolytes, as well as being a great source of protein for recovery. The Bone Broth sports protein do not contain all the essential amino acids, though we would argue that it is higher in the amino acids (glycine, proline etc) which are lacking in our modern-day diets and so technically are much more essential.

The amino acid profile is super anti-inflammatory so is great to support repair and recovery. It is also rich in Glycine and Arginine which are precursors to Creatine, which is important for muscle mass, strength and performance during high-intensity bursts of exercise. Where the bone broth really stands out in the protein market though, is that it is not just isolated protein, but contains many complementary nutrients.

Bone Broth sports protein is also rich in collagen (the building blocks for our connective tissues) which is vital to support all the structures in our body, especially for those who are active to support joints, bones and more against wear and tear. It also contains Organic calcium, magnesium and other minerals which are important for our bones, muscles and more as well as complementary nutrients like glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, glutamine to support our joints, protect against degeneration and help them recover after training.

Bone broth is also strongly linked to supporting our digestive health, and our immune system, most of which resides in the gut. Those of us who are very active can suffer from digestive issues, and recurrent infections and low immunity, so Bone Broth sports protein can be a great way to support overall training and wellness if you are putting your body under a lot of strain.

Our Bone Broth sports proteins come in 2 flavours, they are Organically certified, and free from any additives, artificial flavourings and sweeteners. They contain roughly 14g of protein a serving (2 heaped Tbsps) and provide an equivalent of 2-1/2 cups of fresh bone broth per serving. Harness the benefits of this ancient food and make this primal protein your new daily staple for connective tissue support, sports recovery and overall well-being. Find our full range of Organic bone broths including our bone broth sports proteins here...