Optimise your workout and recovery with collagen

Optimise your workout and recovery with collagen

Collagen supplements can deliver numerous benefits to the body beyond skin health. It is the basic building block for the whole body and the most abundant protein in our body making up our bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

This makes it an ideal choice to support sports performance and recovery, or just to keep us active for longer as we age.


Sports Performance

Collagen powder is rich in the amino acid arginine which is a vasodilator that helps to support endurance and stamina.

Arginine, alongside Glycine helps to support the formation of Creatine in the body, which is an important compound for strength and power athletes engaging in high intensity exercise to fuel muscles during a workout, increase capacity and support lean muscle mass.

Collagen supplements are the perfect choice for sports performance.

Collagen supplements can help to strengthen connective tissues and support tissue recovery after a workout. It helps to support elasticity in the tendons and ligaments, supporting the muscles to recover more efficiently after workouts and helping with injury prevention.

It is also anti-inflammatory which makes it an ideal choice for recovery and protecting joints and bones during high-impact exercise.

High-intensity and endurance exercise can be detrimental to the gut. Collagen supplements have a high Glycine content and an anti-inflammatory soothing nature which make them a good choice to support the gut and the immune system.

Collagen powder can also help to support sports performance and recovery through its benefits for promoting deep restorative sleep which is vital after training for your muscles to recover and rebuild properly and ensure you are ready to go again for your next workout.

workout and recovery with collagen


Wear and Tear

Collagen supplements are beneficial during and after injury as collagen is used to rebuild our connective tissues and will help to support bones, cartilage and ligaments to recover from damage.

Collagen supplements can help with pain management, stiffness and support mobility due to the anti-inflammatory nature of its amino acids including Glycine and Proline which are essential for the stability and regeneration of cartilage (1).

Collagen decreases naturally as part of the ageing process which is when issues with joints may start to arise.

Tissue damage from sports injuries, or wear and tear as we get older can lead to more chronic degenerative conditions of the joints and bones, and collagen powder can help to keep us active as we age.

Research has shown that supplementing with collagen powder after resistance training helped to increase muscle mass and strength (2). It can help to support overall joint health long term, offering protection and aiding recovery from pain and inflammation.

The high amount of anti-inflammatory amino acids in Collagen supplements is essential for the formation and repair of connective tissues, joint surfaces as well as our bone matrix which is comprised of nearly 90% Collagen.

recovery and workout with collagen


Our Pure Collagen powder and Marine Collagen powder are easy digestible, rich in protein, with no fillers, sweeteners or flavourings. They make the perfect muscle building fuel post workout to help optimise your sports performance and recovery.


If you are after a little more support then check out our Active blend which has additional anti-inflammatory herbs and key joint support nutrients to help keep you active for longer.


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