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Collagen For Gut Health

When you hear the word collagen, what pops into your head? For most people skin would be their first thought, but collagen is a major structural protein and is found throughout our body from our joints and bones to our digestive lining. Just like our outer skin our inner tissues are very dependent on collagen, which is why collagen offers great benefits for gut health.

Gut Health

Gut health is a key area for overall health, and we need to address this as the foundation for any healing protocol. The gut can become damaged due to poor diet, stress, lifestyle as well as antibiotics, this can cause the digestive lining which is usually tightly sealed to become leaky, allowing food particles, bacteria and pathogens to pass through its walls and into our bloodstream, causing an inflammatory response and a range of other issues. Damage to the intestinal lining is implicated in many inflammatory conditions so it’s important to provide the body with nutrients that can support the health of the gut.

Collagen Benefits

Bone broths and collagen have long been recommended as part of any digestive support program for their rich source of nourishment, as well as anti-inflammatory amino acid content which helps to soothe the digestive lining, support its structure and overall function. Collagen is rich in amino acids like Glycine which can help to regulate stomach acid production, ensuring there is enough for digestion, but not too much that can cause heartburn, reflux and other issues. The high Glycine and Proline content in Collagen can help to soothe and support the digestive lining.

Key Digestive Nutrients

At Planet Paleo we recognise how important gut health is to overall well-being which is why we’ve formulated our Digestive Collagen blend. Rich in anti-inflammatory collagen protein alongside a range of synergistic herbs and nutrients to support digestive health. We include soothing herbs like liquorice and peppermint, as well as quercetin which helps to support the tight junctions in the gut and ensure good gut lining. We also include Glutamine which is anti-inflammatory, supports the lining of the gut and fuels our intestinal cells to keep them healthy and doing their job. Gut health is the best place to start when addressing any health issue, and our Digestive blend is the perfect daily addition to keep your gut happy. Shop our Digestive Collagen for better gut health here...
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