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5 tips for Sports Recovery

5 tips for Sports Recovery

5 tips for Sports Recovery

5 tips for Sports Recovery

5 tips for Sports Recovery

Weekend warrior, amateur athlete or workout lover, we know the fantastic benefits of staying active as part of a healthy lifestyle, but what often gets forgotten is the importance of rest and recovery. Exercise itself is a form of stress, it causes microscopic damage, and the body needs to repair to build and get stronger. Here are our top tips for sports recovery to help you perform at your best…

5 Tips for Sports Recovery:

Post-workout routine: Take time to stretch, practice gentle yoga, or foam rolling to relieve tension and tightness and help with recovery. Take time to relax post workout.

Hydrate: This is essential. Drink fluids before, during and, after exercise. Staying hydrated helps to support recovery time, and re-balance electrolytes post workout. Water is vital for metabolic function, joint and cartilage repair, and reducing fatigue. Potassium and sodium are key electrolytes and vital for cellular function. Bone broth can be very beneficial for re-hydration and replacing lost electrolytes post workout as well as being rich in protein for recovery.

Refuel: Protein is important post-workout to help your body rebuild. Carbohydrates are also important to replenish the body’s glycogen stores which are depleted during a workout. Protein can come from varied sources, try our bone broth sports protein shakes to quickly replenish post workout, and ensure you are refuelled and ready for your next session. Collagen and Bone Broth are vital to support out connective tissues and protect against wear and tear. Rich in anti-inflammatory amino acids glycine and proline which have been shown to help speed the recovery process and reduce inflammation, enabling us to get back to training quicker.

Sleep: Often overlooked, especially when you are trying to fit everything into the day. Sleep is so important for the body to repair and should be a priority. During sleep the body produces growth hormone which helps with tissue growth and repair. Sleep deprivation impairs cognitive, immune and hormonal function, the latter of which are integral for repair, toxin removal and new growth. Aim for 7-8 hours of good quality sleep a night.

Rest: Resting after a tough workout allows the body to repair and recovery. Make sure to take regular rest days, and easier weeks where the body can consolidate the training and come back stronger.

How quickly you can recover is vital to performance and how you feel during your next session. It’s key for you to repair and recharge both physically and mentally.

Let us know your top tips for sports recovery @planetpaleo

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