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Upgrade your Morning Routine

Upgrade your Morning Routine

Upgrade your Morning Routine

Upgrade your Morning Routine

Upgrade your Morning Routine

September is a time for fresh starts with many of us heading back to university, or work after a summer holiday. It’s now time to get back into a healthy morning routine, or perhaps cultivate a new one. After a summer of late nights, BBQ’s and social gatherings, September is the perfect time for a fresh, healthy start. Here are our top tips for getting back into a healthy morning routine:

Meal Prep: Set aside some time on the weekend, or one night a week to plan and prep your meals for the week, which will give you extra time in the morning. Do some batch cooking, so you have meals on hand that you can grab and go. Prepare fruit, vegetables and other ingredients for a dish in advance to save time and keep yourself on track. Prepare healthy breakfasts in advance and have your lunch all ready and boxed up the night before.

Prioritize Sleep: Start gradually moving your bedtime earlier to get back into good sleep patterns. After a summer of late nights and Netflix binging, you need to refocus on good sleep hygiene techniques. Switch devices off a few hours before bed, take a relaxing bath, sip on our Cacao Magic collagen, and practice some yoga or mindfulness to send you off to a blissful sleep. Getting a good amount of restful sleep should help you to feel refreshed and energized in the morning and ready for a productive day.

Don’t forget Breakfast: A good breakfast is a vital part of a healthy morning routine. Make sure you grab something rich in healthy fats and protein to keep you sustained through the morning. Adding Pure or Marine Collagen to a smoothie will help with satiation and blood sugar balance due to their high amount of protein. If you don’t have much of an appetite before you leave the house then grab a cup of Keto coffee and have a more sustaining breakfast later that morning. Keto Coffee is packed with healthy MCT fats alongside protein rich collagen and Organic Sumatran coffee, it’s the perfect brain fuel for those mornings where you need to be productive and focused.

Exercise: For many of us the morning is when willpower and energy levels are at their highest, so make the most of this and get some exercise in early. Whether it’s walking the pooch, heading to the gym, or outside for a run, getting a sweat on and getting those endorphins going can really help both physically and mentally. Don’t forget to add some Collagen to your post-workout breakfast to support recovery.

Daily dose of Collagen: If you haven’t tried them yet our collagen hotties make the perfect addition to your healthy routine, packed with collagen protein and other organic herbs and foods. Each blend gives you a therapeutic dose of 5g of pure collagen, and they are a delicious way to get your daily dose. We love to start the day with Keto Coffee, but for those of you wishing to reduce the caffeine the Matcha Latte makes the perfect alternative. Matcha does contain caffeine, though less than your regular cup of coffee. It also contains loads of antioxidants and the amino acid L-Theanine which can help with calm, clarity of thought and focus, helping to avoid any jitters or caffeine crashes.

These are our top tips for cultivating a healthy morning routine to set you up for the rest of your day. Figure out your own routine by focusing on things that you want, or need to do every day. Don’t get caught up with radical changes, simply introduce one healthy habit at a time and go from there.

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