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Travel Essentials for your Summer Holiday

Travel Essentials for your Summer Holiday

Travel Essentials for your Summer Holiday

Travel Essentials for your Summer Holiday

Travel Essentials for your Summer Holiday

August is here and for many of us this month will be a time to take a break and enjoy a summer holiday, whether at home in the UK or abroad. Though we think of holidays as a relaxing time, the reality is that travel can be quite stressful on the body, so you want to do all you can to stay healthy and enjoy your trip. Our handy collagen and bone broth sachets make the perfect travel companion, here are our favourites to stash in your suitcase for that summer holiday…

Healthier hot drinks: Travel with our pure or marine collagen sachets, the perfect addition to your tea, coffee, or grab and go breakfast. It can be hard to get good quality food when travelling, so you can at least ensure you get a good source of protein and keep those blood sugar levels stable while you travel. No more hangry travel arguments!

Show your skin some love: Travel can take it’s toll on our skin, with air conditioned airports, pressurised air cabins recycling stagnant air and dehydration, as well as the effects of the sun on skin. Our primal goddess sachets are the perfect way to show your skin some love, with hyaluronic acid and antioxidant rich berries, they can help with skin dryness and protect the skin from cellular damage.

Gut friendly: Travel can take its toll on your digestion. Eating unfamiliar foods, time zone changes and jet lag can wreak havoc on your gut health. Try our Digestive blend, with soothing anti-inflammatory herbs, and nutrients to support your gut lining as well as beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes. Our Bone Broths are also super comforting and nourishing for your digestive system, and an easy way to ensure you are getting some high quality nutrition on the road.

Lacking Energy: Try our Matcha Collagen sachet for  a morning boost after that long haul flight, or to combat the challenges of changing time zones. Matcha is rich in L-theanine which helps to calm the body and focus the mind, it’s also packed with antioxidants, and makes the perfect way to start your day.

Sweet Treat: Travel, lack of sleep and jet lag can play havoc with our stress and hunger hormones, leaving us feeling cranky and hungry all the time. Try our cacao magic or chocolate bone broth sachets to fulfil that sweet craving, and balance your blood sugar with that all important protein.

Our collagen and bone broth sachets are the perfect travel companion whether you are off on a beach holiday, travelling long haul, or spending time in the UK. They are single serve, blend smoothly and weigh practically nothing meaning they wont take up that essential space in your summer holiday suitcase.

Find our full range of collagen powders and collagen sachets here…


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