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Support your New Year Health Goals with Collagen Powder

Support your New Year Health Goals with Collagen Powder

Support your New Year Health Goals with Collagen Powder

Support your New Year Health Goals with Collagen Powder

Support your New Year Health Goals with Collagen Powder

January is usually a time for changes whether they relate to health, lifestyle or work, it’s a time to assess what areas of your life could be improved upon. If you have set health and fitness goals for this year, and are looking to undertake some health and lifestyle changes then collagen supplements can fit perfectly alongside your new healthy routine. Here are a few ways collagen powder can help you to reach your health goals:

Building Muscle: If you goal is to hit the gym and build muscle this year, then collagen protein powder is your friend. Amino acids like glycine and arginine help the body to form creatine which helps with high intensity exercise, work capacity and lean muscle mass.

Endurance Sports: If you are hitting the pavements and training for a marathon or even your first parkrun then collagen supplements can help to strengthen connective tissues and support tissue and muscle recovery after workouts. Collagen’s anti-inflammatory benefits make it an ideal choice for supporting joints during high impact exercise.

Diet Changes: Thinking of going Paleo? Check out our short guide to the Paleo diet. We don’t believe in restriction or dogma with dietary choices, though we do believe in some of the core principles of the Paleo diet and its focus on healing gut foods like bone broths and our collagen powder. Collagen powder is a unique protein, made up of specific anti-inflammatory amino acids that are lacking, or low in our modern day diets and it helps to bring balance to the way we are eating, so if you are considering going Paleo, Keto or anything similar we would recommend adding a scoop of collagen powder to bring balance to your diet.

Better Sleep: If one of your health goals is to prioritize sleep this year then collagen supplements can help you to reach that goal.  Research has highlighted the benefits of deep restorative sleep, and negative effects of long term sleep deprivation which is linked to a whole range of chronic diseases, yet most of us still don’t get enough good quality sleep. If you want to focus on your sleep- prioritize a sleep hygiene routine: don’t use technology in the few hours before bed, try a magnesium salt bath with some lavender oil, a bit of meditation before bed and making sure your room is completely dark. Collagen supplements can also help to support good sleep as collagen powder is rich in the amino acid glycine which has a calming effect on the brain- allowing you to wind down and prepare for sleep. Studies have shown it helps you drift off quicker, reduces symptoms of insomnia and improves sleep quality and promotes deeper restful sleep.

Feeling your best: Glowing healthy skin and strong healthy hair start from within and a diet based on whole foods with some targeted support from collagen powder can help you to look and feel your best throughout the year. Try our Primal Goddess collagen supplements for skin, hair and nails with collagen powder, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, nutrients and herbs to show your skin, hair and nails some love this year.

Whatever your health goals this year, collagen powder is a functional food that can be an essential in your pantry to help you look and feel your best and reach your health targets.

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