Support your Immune System with Bone Broth

A strong and healthy immune system is vitally important, this year especially with the current coronavirus outbreak. Our immune system is constantly working hard to keep us fighting fit, it stops and removes pathogens from bacteria to environmental toxins. Our innate immune system contains various immune cells which help to neutralize infections quickly, and our adaptive immune system learns how to respond to new pathogens it encounters to mount an effective response. These two systems work together, and when firing on all cylinders they defend and protect us.

Our immunity can be compromised due to a range of factors, which can leave us open to infections, and feeling very run down. We want to support our immune system to ensure it’s working correctly, with a health-promoting diet, eating a wide variety of foods including bone broth, fermented foods, herbs and spices like garlic, ginger and oregano which have anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties, and bolster our immune response. We also want to avoid excess alcohol, refined sugar and processed foods which can lower our immunity. Stress plays a key role in immune health, and chronic stress has been shown to suppress the immune system, so make self-care and de-stressing practices a priority, as well as focusing on 7-9 hours of quality restorative sleep per night.

Gut health is vitally important for immune health as a large proportion of our immune system is housed within the gut. Bone broth’s benefits for gut health and immune support have long been touted and linked to ancient folklore. Modern science has also shown that bone broth is rich in components to support immune function, and its anti-inflammatory benefits can help to ease respiratory symptoms. Several cultures swear by broth to nurse the sick back to health, it’s easy to absorb nutrients offer a super source of nourishment if you are feeling under the weather.

Our Herbal Defence Bone Broth is formulated to support winter wellness, with a base of organic pasture-raised bone broth powder, and super immune herbs like garlic which is anti-microbial, oregano which is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial and ginger which is a key immune supporter, and excellent decongestant. Bone broth provides a unique nutritional profile containing collagen protein and an abundance of minerals to support whole-body health. Sip it like a nourishing tea, or add to your recipes to support overall health and well-being.


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