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Support your Gut while Travelling

Support your Gut while Travelling

Support your Gut while Travelling

Support your Gut while Travelling

Support your Gut while Travelling

Travel should be a time for unwinding and relaxing, but it can be a stressful time on our poor digestive system. Time changes, jet lag, dietary choices, dehydration and stress can wreak havoc on our guts, and leave us open to tummy bugs and illness, with symptoms like constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, cramping, and nausea causing issues while we are away. Here are our top tips to support your gut while travelling this summer…

  • Collagen Powder: Collagen supplements contain anti-inflammatory amino acids like glycine which helps to soothe the gut lining, support the structure of the gut and its overall function. Glycine also helps to regulate stomach acid ensuring optimal digestion. It is also needed to manufacture components like bile, which help us to break down dietary fat and transports glycogen to cells to be used for energy.
  • Bitters: Bitter foods and herbs like artichoke stimulate digestive juices and are great taken before, or at the beginning of a meal to get bile flowing and prepare the body for digestion.
  • Digestive enzymes: Digestive enzymes can help your body break down food and ease discomfort.
  • Herbs: Try digestive supporting teas and herbs like fennel, mint, ginger, licorice and chamomile which are carminative, anti-spasmodic, and can help to calm any digestive symptoms.

Keeping your digestive system healthy will also help to keep your immune system strong as much of the immune system is housed within the gut.

At Planet Paleo we recognise how important gut health is to overall well-being which is why we’ve formulated our Digestive Collagen blend. Rich in anti-inflammatory collagen protein alongside a range of synergistic herbs, nutrients, digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria to support gut health. We include soothing herbs like liquorice and peppermint, as well as quercetin which helps to support the tight junctions in the gut and ensure good gut lining. We also include glutamine which is anti-inflammatory, supports the lining of the gut and fuels our intestinal cells to keep them healthy and doing their job.

Our digestive collagen powder also comes in handy travel size sachets which you can pack in your suitcase to support your gut while travelling.

Grab our digestive collagen powder here…



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