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Pure vs. Marine Collagen…Which is Best?

Pure vs. Marine Collagen…Which is Best?

Pure vs. Marine Collagen…Which is Best?

Pure vs. Marine Collagen…Which is Best?

Pure vs. Marine Collagen…Which is Best?

Here at Planet Paleo we offer a range of Collagen supplements, from our Pure Collagen powder which is derived from a Bovine source to our blends which also use bovine collagen alongside other herbs, vitamins and minerals and our Marine Collagen powder. You may be wondering what is the difference between bovine and marine collagen and which you should choose.

In terms of our Fish collagen and Bovine collagen powders, you can use them in similar ways- they are both odourless and tasteless and mix well into any drink or food you want to mix them with, from collagen coffee to baked treats.

Collagen supplements are always animal-derived and collagen is found in the parts of an animal we don’t normally eat (unless we are regularly consuming bone broth) like hide, bones and cartilage. Our Pure Collagen powder is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle in South America, and the Marine Collagen powder is sourced from wild-caught Molva Molva fish off the coast of France. Both sources are ethically and sustainably sourced and free from GMO’s, antibiotics and pesticides that can be used in non-organic farming, and fish farms.

In terms of nutrition, the collagen powders are very similar. Our Pure Collagen powder is Type 1 collagen with a little Type 3, and is 91% pure protein. The Marine Collagen powder is solely Type 1 collagen and 93% protein. Type 1 collagen is the most abundant form in our body, and collagen protein powder from either source is an excellent way to support your overall health and wellbeing, healthy hair skin and nails, bones, joints and digestion. When we ingest collagen we are rebuilding all the collagen in our body, including every type, so there doesn’t appear to be one form that is preferable for human consumption.

In terms of research, studies have looked at both forms of Collagen supplements and found both to be easily digested and absorbed, especially in their hydrolysed form which all of our range is. Up to 90% of collagen peptides have been shown to be digested and absorbed after consumption, so both forms offer an easily absorbable and utilisable form of protein. One study showed that Marine Collagen peptides are smaller, which gives them excellent bioavailability and digestibility- so if you have digestive issues or looking to support gut healing this may be a better choice for you.

Regardless of whether collagen powder is sourced from cows or fish, it offers benefits for skin, joints, bones, and more. After all, studies support both forms when it comes to its benefits. The deciding factor comes down to your personal preferences, dietary restrictions, and health concerns, like allergies.

We recommended taking 1 Scoop of pure collagen powder or marine collagen powder a day to get the best benefits out of the product. If you are looking for more specific support, then our blends have additional nutrition to target beauty, joints, bones and digestive health.

Explore our full range of collagen supplements here…

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