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Pure Gelatine 101: What you need to know…

Pure Gelatine 101: What you need to know…

Pure Gelatine 101: What you need to know…

Pure Gelatine 101: What you need to know…

Pure Gelatine 101: What you need to know…

Our latest product Pure Gelatine has been a long time coming, as we seek to expand our range to bring you the best quality and purest primal foods to support your health and well-being. You may think of Gelatine as something to add to recipes to help give them a wobble, and not as a traditional health food, but Gelatine is an ancient food and offers many benefits for well-being.

For generations, gelatine was a prominent feature in human diets. Our primal ancestors would hunt and then use all parts of an animal, boiling the bones to make gelatine rich bone broth. The gelatine they consumed helped to bring their diets into balance, which is something our modern-day diets, rich in muscle meats are sorely lacking. While muscle meats are generally very high in pro-inflammatory amino acids, Gelatine is rich in anti-inflammatory amino acids that help to balance the diet. Glycine and Proline – two of the main amino acids in Gelatine-are anti-inflammatory and could be the missing link in modern diets. These amino acids are needed for skin, hair and nails support, joint health, immune function, detoxification, metabolic health and so much more.

With our modern busy lives and reliance on food processing, most of us no longer consume a source of gelatine in our diets and have lost its beneficial amino acids. If you make bone broth and let it cool and it goes thick and gelatinous that means it has a good gelatine content. However making bone broth regularly isn’t always easy or possible, so you can use our range of supplements, for a quick, easy alternative to get in all that good stuff.

Gelatine is found in the parts of the animals we largely no longer consume, like cartilage, skin and bones. Gelatine is made by slowly heating the collagen found in animal connective tissues, skin and bones until it is broken down. Pure Gelatine is 91% pure protein and its unique amino acid profile-the same as our hydrolysed collagen powders- give it its many health benefits.

So what is the difference between our Gelatine and Collagen powders? Both Gelatine and hydrolysed collagen provide the same valuable amino acids and nutrition profiles, with slightly different chemical properties down to the way they are processed. The extra processing to make hydrolysed collagen breaks the amino acids into smaller pieces which some people may find easier to digest- and this hydrolysation process is why the Collagen will dissolve in both cold and hot fluids whereas Gelatin will cause liquid to gel, making it a great thickener.

Pure Gelatine is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows in South America, raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or GMOS, this is as clean as Gelatine comes. Animals raised on their natural diet in their natural environment will make higher quality collagen which makes higher quality gelatine, and contain higher amounts of anti-inflammatory amino acids like glycine which are responsible for many of its health benefits. They will also be free from pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.

The real difference between our hydrolysed collagen powders and Pure gelatine powder is in the way you can use the products. Pure Gelatine is flavourless and colourless and dissolves in warm water, it helps to thicken soups and stews, and is used as a gelling agent. It is a fun culinary ingredient you can use to get creative in the kitchen while getting all the benefits that the gelatine provides for whole-body health. You can use it to make things like healthy gummy sweets, marshmallows, mousses and so much more. Stay tuned to our blog for more Gelatine recipes to come…

You can find our Pure Gelatine powders here…

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