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Pomegranate, Rose and Beetroot Healthy Gummies

Pomegranate, Rose and Beetroot Healthy Gummies

Pomegranate, Rose and Beetroot Healthy Gummies

Pomegranate, Rose and Beetroot Healthy Gummies

Pomegranate, Rose and Beetroot Healthy Gummies

Have you been experimenting with our Gelatine powder yet? If you are stuck for ideas on how to use it, scroll back through our blog posts for recipe ideas- it’s a fun culinary ingredient to play around with. Today we have another amazing recipe from our friend Phoebe from Natural Nourishment with some antioxidant-packed healthy gummies for those of you who have a sweet tooth that can’t be tamed.

These healthy gummies are not like your traditional store-bought sweets, packed with artificial colourings, refined sugar and other additives. They are naturally sweetened with pure Pomegranate juice, and the protein from our marine collagen powder and gelatine powder help to give these sweets a little more staying powder- upgrading them to something for all occasions and not just a one-off treat.

Our collagen and gelatine powders are packed with protein, and anti-inflammatory amino acids to soothe your gut, support your liver, support your joints and bones and provide the building blocks for better hair, skin and nails. Get your health fix with these healthy gummies…

Pomegranate, Rose & Beetroot Healthy Gummies (Makes 15 pieces)


1 ½ cups pure Pomegranate juice

1 ½  tablespoons Rosewater (We use Alteya)

1 tablespoon Beetroot powder

2 tablespoons Planet Paleo Pure Gelatine

1 tablespoon Planet Paleo Marine Collagen

1 tablespoon dried rose petals + extra to decorate


  1. Add ½  cup cold water to a bowl & sprinkle the gelatine over the top, leave for 5 mins to bloom.
  2. Warm the juice & rosewater in a small pan until just about to simmer, add the collagen, stir to dissolve then pour over the gelatine, add the beetroot powder & whisk until fully incorporated. Mix through the petals.
  3. Pour into silicone moulds, or a parchment-lined container & leave to set for 2-3 hours in the fridge before cutting into cubes.
  4. Eat within a week- but we don’t expect them to last that long!!


Find our Pure Gelatine Powder and Marine Collagen powder here

You can follow Phoebe here and let her know if you make this recipe.

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