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How to Eat Healthy while Travelling

How to Eat Healthy while Travelling

How to Eat Healthy while Travelling

How to Eat Healthy while Travelling

How to Eat Healthy while Travelling

Whether heading away on a business trip or taking a summer holiday, it can be hard to stick to your healthy normal diet. Being away from home and routine is a powerful temptation, and eating healthy while travelling can be tricky, especially if you are eating out every night. Here are our top tips to eat healthy while travelling…

Hydrate: Many of the cravings we get when travelling can stem from boredom or thirst, lets face it being stuck in a cabin for long hours is not many peoples idea of fun. Make sure you stay hydrated, and figure out if you are actually hungry or not. Travel with a reusable water bottle that you can fill up at the many water stations and refill points popping up everywhere.

Be Prepared: Depending on your means of travel you can pack and prep lots of healthy food and snacks in advance for the trip. It’s a little easier if you are road tripping to pack a cool bag with some healthy prepared meals and snacks including smoothies, salad, hard boiled eggs, coconut yoghurt, nuts, trail mix, fruit. If you are flying make sure you travel with plenty of water, and bring some easy protein rich snacks to avoid getting hangry. Trail mix, protein bars, nut butter sachets, dried fruit and our collagen sachets are all easy options to travel with.

Collagen Sachets: Travel with our collagen sachets for a quick on the go hit of collagen powder, antioxidants and gut supporting nutrients. The sachets are light to travel with and mix easily into hot or cold drinks, with a good dose of protein to keep you satiated, keep those blood sugar levels balanced and keep cravings at bay.

Food Shop: Once you get to your destination, hit up the local supermarket, or markets for some healthy food. If you have a mini-bar, or fridge in your hotel stock up on some healthy snacks, and bits you can combine to make a healthy affordable breakfast. If you are staying somewhere where you have a kitchen then stock up on lots of healthy options and cook up your favourites.

Research: Before your trip research options in your area to find suitable places for special diets, and healthy choices. Yelp, Trip Advisor and searching blogs of your destination for paleo or gluten-free offerings can be really useful for top tips and recommendations.

Veggies: Pack your plate with veggies, whether a buffet option, or ordering sides, make sure you pack in the veggies. Don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions, or swaps in restaurants either.

While all of these tips can help you eat healthy while travelling, the most important thing you can do throughout your trip is to relax, enjoy some things you wouldn’t normally have, and make the most of your time away.

You can find our full range of collagen sachets which make the perfect travel companion here…

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