Ethical Sourcing

How we source
our collagen

At Planet Paleo, respecting the food chain and the animals our products depend on is our highest priority, since collagen is only as nourishing as the animals who make it. We subscribe to high welfare standards where cattle are free to roam and graze outdoors on pasture 365 days a year. They have full access to fresh air, grass and water their entire lives from the moment they are weaned and are never fed on industrial cattle feed.

The raw materials for our collagen and bone broths are fully traceable to farms in South America. The farms where animals are raised as well as the slaughterhouse have strict protocols regarding animal welfare and human handling, and the cattle are continually subject to official veterinary supervision.

Our Organic Bone
Broth Powder

We are proud producers of Europe’s first Organic Bone Broth Collagen Protein powder. Our bone broth powder is crafted from high-quality, organic, grass-fed cattle in Scandinavia. They are reared to the KRAV certification, which is considered the gold standard for farming anywhere in the world. KRAV-certified animal husbandry is characterised by strict animal welfare standards which are higher than EU regulations for organic production. A fundamental principle is respect for the specific needs of each animal species regarding behaviour, feed and environment.

Our Marine Collagen

Our Marine Collagen is only sourced from wild-caught common Ling fish, fished off the coastal waters of France. And because the collagen is made only from those parts of the fish that would otherwise be wasted, it makes it the ultimate in sustainable nose-to-tail eating!

Better for you,
kinder to the planet

Our collagen is sourced from cattle living on naturally formed pasture that has not contributed to any deforestation. Many of these family run farms have been there for over a century.


As with any supplement, the quality of collagen varies widely. At Planet Paleo, grass-fed collagen and organic ingredients are the cornerstone of our business. We subscribe to codes of conduct following these animal welfare standards:

Our collagen is free of:


Antibiotics and antimicrobials

Growth promoters and Anabolic steroids


Pure pasture. Pure paleo. No compromises.

Join the Planet Paleo EVOLUTION into sustainable nutrition.