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Bone Broth and Collagen, What’s the Difference?

Bone Broth and Collagen, What’s the Difference?

Bone Broth and Collagen, What’s the Difference?

Bone Broth and Collagen, What’s the Difference?

Bone Broth and Collagen, What’s the Difference?

With the recent increase in our Primal range with our brand new Organic bone broth powders, you may be wondering what the difference is between bone broth and collagen, so let’s clear up any confusion and discover what product is best for your needs…

For thousands of years bone broths have been a staple of traditional diets all over the world. Bone broth is a mineral-rich infusion made by boiling animal bones with vegetables, herbs, and spices. Many societies around the world still consume bone broth regularly in their diets, and it has become increasingly popular again with an interest in gut health, and a turn towards ancestral traditions.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, and is found in our skin as well as connective tissues like joints, and tendons; it holds together bones and muscles and maintains the lining of the gut.

Bone broth provides collagen as well as naturally containing the co-factors that help maintain collagen in the body.


While bone broth and collagen definitely have similarities, they are made quite differently.

Our pure collagen is sourced from organic farms in South America, where the cattle are pasture-raised. Although the cattle are reared organically, collagen can never be an organic product due to the manufacturing process. To get the collagen the animal hides are soaked in an alkaline solution to extract the collagen and an enzymatic process is then used to make the collagen hydrolysed.

Our bone broth is crafted from the highest quality Organic grass-fed cattle in Scandinavia, slowly simmered to release all the powerful primal nutrients, and dehydrated into a convenient, easy to use form. Bone broth is made by simmering animal bones in water over a lengthy cooking time. This process extracts nutrients from the bones so that they become part of a nourishing broth.


Pure Collagen contains high amounts of hydrolysed collagen protein, it does not contain the other nutrients that bone broth contains. Hydrolysed collagen means the protein has been broken down into smaller, easily digestible molecules so is the best form from an absorption perspective. Our pure collagen contains the highest amount of collagen, so if it’s just the collagen you are after then go for this.

Bone broth contains collagen (though not in the hydrolysed form), but it contains so much more, including a full array of complementary nutrients like hyaluronic acid, and glucosamine which support our connective tissues, and minerals like calcium, and magnesium which are vital for overall health. These nutrients are delivered in an Organic whole food form, which is efficient and effective for absorption and bio-availability.


Bone broth is highly nutrient-rich. Animal bones are rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and other trace minerals which are needed to build and strengthen our own bones. It also has a high collagen content which helps to support our connective tissues, hair, skin, nails, gut and so much more. Bone broth has a rich history of being used for immunity and as a digestive tonic in traditional cultures dating as far back as 2,500 years ago. Today, it’s one of the top recommended foods for supporting digestive health.

Collagen peptides contain a wide amino acid profile that is beneficial in supporting skin, hair, nails, bones, joints and digestion in a form that is easy to consume and easy for your body to use.

How to use?

Pure collagen is completely tasteless and odourless and blends smoothly into hot and cold drinks, smoothies and recipes. It is highly versatile and very easy to use. Our bone broths are much more hearty, they are better sipped as a tea, or added to recipes as a nutritious base. Our sports protein bone broths work perfectly with non-dairy milk, or in smoothies.

You can incorporate both collagen and bone broth to your diet for the best health benefits. We would recommend using collagen if you are looking for the highest amounts of collagen and a product that is super versatile, and using our bone broths when you need an extra hit of nutrition, during winter, if you feel under the weather, or want to add a nourishing base to recipes you are making.

Find our range of collagen powders and Organic bone broth powders here…


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