Introducing Our Marine Collagen Supplement

Introducing Our Marine Collagen Supplement

Introducing our brand new Marine Collagen Powder supplement. Pure, easy to use and completely tasteless it's perfect in smoothies, soups, porridge or your favourite hot drink. Find out more about our brand new collagen protein powder here.

Collagen Supplement Benefits

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, it makes up our digestive lining, skin and connective tissues including joints and bones. It is vitally important for structure and maintenance throughout the body, but unfortunately, as we age our collagen production starts to decline. Our primal ancestors would have consumed a collagen-rich diet by using all parts of the animals they hunted and making nutrient-rich bone broths. Unfortunately, our modern-day diets are lacking in this key source of nutrition, but supplementing with a quality source of collagen peptides can provide the solution.

What is Marine Collagen?

Our Marine Collagen powder contains 100% highly bioavailable marine collagen peptides and is sourced from line-caught Molva Molva fish, from the coast of France. The collagen is derived from the skin of the fish and is primarily Type 1 collagen which is the most abundant form in the human body.

Marine Collagen Benefits

  • Our Marine Collagen is 93% pure Protein, with no fat, sugars or carbohydrates, making it one of the best sources of protein on the planet.
  • It is rich in amino acids and can help the body to stay strong and healthy, supporting your performance, muscle mass and recovery.
  • Our hydrolysed pure Marine Collagen powder is highly absorbable due to the small peptides which are easily digested, absorbed and distributed throughout the body.
  • One serving provides you with 7.5g grams of protein, making the ideal choice in your pre or post-workout shake.

Our Marine Collagen supplement is the ideal source to replenish your body’s collagen stores and provides the building blocks for better health and wellness.

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