I wanted to create a brand that took paleo to the next level. One that educates people in the best principles whilst leaving room for evolution.

Ben shouler,
founder of planet paleo

Who we are

Planet Paleo was founded in 2016 by Ben Shouler, a nutritional therapist with a solid track record in nutraceutical research who has worked with many of the leading companies in the natural health industry.

Over the years Ben has developed a comprehensive understanding of nutrition and herbal medicine, which is reflected in Planet Paleo’s versatile range of products. While Ben has always been passionate about the science behind nutrition and natural medicine, he has also been fascinated by ancient remedies and traditional medicine’s more holistic approach. Planet Paleo is founded on the perfect union of these two approaches.

Our Evolution

Our Collagen

Not all collagen is created equal. Our therapeutic blends incorporating minerals, herbs and other active nutrients—together with the gelatine, bone broth and collagen hotties—make us the brand leader in collagen products. Furthermore, we love dreaming up new ways to incorporate our tasty paleo nutrition into people’s diets. Our innovative formulations can be blended into smoothies, hot drinks and recipes, making it even easier to fit your daily dose of collagen into a busy lifestyle.

All our products are sourced and farmed to the highest ethical standards, including the cattle sourced for our Organic Bone Broth Powder and the fish in our wild-caught Marine Collagen. Find out more about how we source our products.

What is the Paleo diet?

Whether due to dietary sensitivities or a more conscious approach to eating, increasing numbers of us have been turning to the paleo diet for inspiration in recent years. Simply put, paleo seeks to incorporate the best aspects of ancestral eating and living into our modern lifestyles. It emphasises the importance of sleep, natural movement and activity, as well as optimising digestion by returning to foods we ate as hunter-gatherers before agriculture radically altered our diets. 

We believe in bringing the best principles of the paleo diet into the 21st century, using scientific advancements and modern methods to get the best out of traditional foods which have supported people’s health for millennia. Our products contain no additives or fillers and are free of grain, gluten and dairy.

However, while we are inspired by natural living, here at Planet Paleo you won’t find diet dogma, just versatile and nourishing products to meet you wherever you are on your health journey. When you are inspired by real nutrition, every step to improve your health and performance is a step in the right direction.