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Europe's First Organic Bone Broth Powder

At Planet Paleo take advantage of the most versatile range of collagen products in the UK, as well as Europe’s first organic bone broth protein powder. Experience collagen’s revitalising benefits to your wellbeing and performance with our easy and convenient formulations. From tubs to sachets, hotties to gelatine, enjoy premium collagen professionally formulated by nutritionists and always ethically sourced. Find out more about our grass-fed collagen history!

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Each of our collagen powder blends are carefully chosen using organic herbs and foods used throughout history, and specific co-active nutrients. These special formulations enhance absorption and work in synergy to give you superior benefits.


Looking for more ways to get the most out of your collagen? From delicious recipes for collagen-rich lemon-glazed blueberry bites to biohacking a better night’s sleep, check our Blog for more tips, tricks and taste temptations.